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Useful Tips to Making Music Lessons Exciting – notes for teachers

Teaching children music isn’t as easy as it seems. You could just sit next to them, follow any certain music book and write homework, but that’s just a tired approach.

Keeping the lesson as the event of the day is what’s missing. If you’re tired, you’re going to get a wonderful mirror of tiredness from your student. Following the same curriculum and topics each year can make your lessons tedious. The last thing you want is to see your child lose interest in music because they find it too monotonous! 

There are plenty of enjoyable training methods that can help your kids understand music better and appreciate it too. If the kids find the material difficult to understand, cumbersome or repetitive, then it is only natural for them to lose interest.

Here are some creative ways to make a change and get your students to love music practice!


Some music teachers complain that they spend as much time and effort on planning as they do in teaching the kids. However, don’t let that get you down. Planning is key and will make the students learn their lessons more effectively. Moreover, you can use all this time to fuel your own motivation to expand your skills. When you are thoroughly prepared for the class, it is easy to enjoy the teaching process. Let the kids not only learn your music lessons but also your positive attitude.


Music is not a studying material to memorise. It is a creative process that has to flow from within. Don’t make your lessons all about repeating mindlessly. Put in some extra practical activities in your tuition methodology and make it fun and accessible for the kids to learn. Things like clapping in the rhythms or singing are the best ways to get your students more involved in the process of their study.


A constructive idea to maintain your students’ focus and interest is to teach them the songs or genres they love. Yes, Classical music is key and the traditional methods are the cornerstones, but there is no need to stick to one specific kind of music as all types of music are beneficial resources in teaching as well as learning.


Children can really enjoy the music lessons when they have someone to share it with. According to recent research, collaborative learning is incredibly beneficial in helping children mastering complex ideas. You can make the children collaborate with one another on their projects to enhance their teamwork. Sharing their musical achievements together is so much more substantial than endless classroom study! Encourage each child to share their own musical achievements and create a social buzz amongst them.

An effective teacher is an empathetic one, with patience, inspiringly positive attitude, and experienced with encouragements and praise when required. Nothing beats a positive compliment from a teacher or a sympathetic one when needed. That honest feedback can change the entire mental state of the student and bring out the best in them!

As a music teacher, one should remember to make one’s lessons more interactive, fun and engaging to have an effect. Add more activities and games, encourage, share, offer parents regular reports and grade them based on their performance. Students love earning respect or recognition from their teachers, particularly when their hard work is acknowledged.


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