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Can music lessons benefit your child’s IQ

young beginners practice piano

Previous studies show the direct link between music lessons and boosting your child’s brainwaves and academic skills

Amongst 147 primary school pupils, the youngsters were tested for memory and language skills following the introduction of music lessons.

That study conducted by ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and VU University in Holland, found that pupils who had music sessions were more competent in other subject areas as a direct result.

Lead researcher Dr Artur Jaschke told the media that children who take music lessons based on regular weekly intervals showed better language and reasoned planning, able to better organise and complete their tasks, as well as improved academic goals.

That suggests that the inner-cognitive skills created and enhanced during music sessions can influence the child’s cognitive abilities in a variety of unrelated subjects, leading to overall enhanced academic achievements as well as help kids build up their language skills. (different article published earlier by London Music Centre)

The research, first-shown on the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience, emphasise the importance of reading music as using the part of the brain mainly controls memory and attention, and through that developing other future academic skills.

Practising any musical instrument with the discipline of consistency and focus can increase brain activity and further cognitive skills claims Dr. Jaschke.

Over a period of two and a half years, one group of children was given music lessons only in school, the second group was given music lessons both in school and privately at home, the third received no lessons, and the fourth group had art classes instead.

Regardless of their musical achievements, the groups who had either school or private music lessons showed greater memory and vocabulary capabilities.

In addition, the research has also found that interestingly art lessons had a positive effect on the pupil’s visual and spatial skills.

IN CONCLUSION: Music lessons have shown a great deal of benefits, from memory to language skills enhancements, better order and analytic skills and overall a wider range of expression both emotionally and vocabulary. It is no secret music is in the very essence of learning development and should be taken seriously as a crucial step forwards with your child’s academic progress.

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