Lessons from the comfort of your own home, office & studio.

Project Details

LMCLessons at the comfort of your own homeStart your sessions refreshed and at ease at the comfort of your own home or any other special location of your choosing

Project Description

Sessions wherever you fancy – at home, in a studio or at the teacher’s home

Most of you do more than enough commuting already, and we couldn’t forgive ourselves if we asked you to go out and do some more.

So we send our teachers to your home, as a default option. What’s more we care about your convenient schedule for it as well.

That way, when you start your session, you’re not breathless and exhausted but refreshed and comfortable.

But we recognise that for some people sessions at home are not possible. So why not visit your teacher?

We have so many available, across London, that finding one in your area should be easy.